Wheel EZ

Safely change large tires with the Sheyenne Wheel EZ. Once the lug nuts are loose, use your air wrench to lift or lower the Wheel EZ. This time-saving tool is perfect for farm shops, equipment dealerships and construction crews that use large equipment. 

Step One: Jack the equipment off the floor.

Step Two: Use the front edge of a loader bucket and lift the tabs.

Step Three: Manually roll the wheel and charger on a smooth, hard surface.

Step Four: Reposition the wheel and secure the nuts.

Step Five: Use the air wrench to lower the Wheel EZ and you’re done.


Change Safely

The Sheyenne Wheel EZ is designed to handle the heaving lifting of its operators.

Precisely Align

The caster provide greater mobility and positioning for a precise fit.

Use Leverage

A pry bar and the two pry posts give precise rotation in clockwise or counter clockwise directions.

Wheel EZ

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