Low Profile Jump Auger

Experience smooth operation with the Sheyenne Low Profile Jump Auger. The hanger bearings keep bumps to a minimum for more comfort and less spillage.  

Move WIth EasE

The handle with pivot wheels improves the portability of the auger. 

Increase Capacity

A rubber expansion flap on top increases capacity while lowering the hopper height to use with any truck and most hopper bottoms.

Handle More Grain

The hopper is 11 inches high by 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. It comes with a 72-inch tube with three diameters to choose from.

Additional Information

+ Electronic or hydraulic drive options

+ Universal mount

+ Pivot wheels

+ Complete powder coat paint finish

+ 8″, 10″ and 13″ diameter hopper tube options available

+ Built-in handle

+ Double constant velocity joint connecting hopper and tube flightings

+ Constructed using high-grade American steel

Low Profile Jump Auger

100-0-46808" Ultra Low-Profile Hopper, Electric Drive* (Less Motor)300#
100-0-46818" Ultra Low-Profile Hopper, Hydraulic Drive** (Less Motor)295#
100-0-468210" Ultra Low-Profile Hopper, Electric Drive** (Less Motor)370#
100-0-468310" Ultra Low-Profile Hopper, Hydraulic Drive** (Less Motor)365#
100-0-468413" Ultra Low-Profile Double Flighting Hopper, Electric Drive** (Less Motor)650#
100-0-468513" Ultra Low-Profile Double Flighting Hopper, Hydraulic Drive** (Less Motor)650#
904-05003Hydraulic Motor for above13#
NOTE: Other hopper tube lengths available upon request up to 12 feet.
*Electric motor drives include motor mounting base, 1½ double groove pully, belts and belt shield. Not included is the motor or motor pulley. Recommended motor pully is 3" to 3½" double groove.
**Hydraulic drive is less motor and hoses. Tractor should provide 10-12 GPM at 1500 PSI to operate the hopper at full capacity. To achive maximum performance on the hopper run the jump auger between 400-500 RPM.