Lift and elevate is as simple as moving one hydraulic level. A skid steer load equipped with the Sheyenne Tele-Boom can go places that a hard-to-find or expensive boom truck cannot. It’s quickly becoming one the must-have add-on tools for construction, arboreal and farm use.

Use the Sheyenne Tele-Boom for: 

+ General construction

+Building erection

+Sign installation

+Light erection

+ Truss installation

+ Roofing and shingling

+ Various tasks on the farm

+ Pole placement

Speed + Accuracy

Operate the Sheyenne Tele-Boom from the cab. It extends quickly and accurately places material.

Hold Tight

Securely keep materials in place for projects with critical tolerances.

Reach Higher

Extend from 8’6″ to 20′ to dramatically reduce the time you or your crew needs to get the job done.

Available Accessories

Pallet Carrier

Transport loads of shingles, tools and other items to your worksite.

Storage Bin

Adjustable legs position and hold tools where you need them.

Sheet Carrier

Easily, quickly and safely tilt and move standard-sized plywood, plasterboard or other cumbersome materials.

Tele-Boom - Specs


Standard Equipment: End hook, two – 2″ X 48″ tie-rod cylinders, hydraulic hoses with standard ½” NPT threads. (Tele-boom comes totally assembled except hydraulic couplers and hoses for connecting to skidsteer.

Length: Retracts to 8′ 6″ and extends to 20′. Extends to 30′ in combination with vertical lift of machine.

Hydraulic requirements:4 GPM at 600 PSI.

Lifting capacity: Depends on extension angle, length and skidsteer model.

Tele-Boom - Accessories

302-0-1000SHEET CARRIER (Short - 5" Peg)Constructed of 1½" square tubing, upper and lower pegs available in 5" or 7½" length. Length opens to 52½" and closes to 3". Width opens to 57' and closes 24".60#
302-0-1001SHEET CARRIER (Long - 7½" Peg)60#
301-0-1000PALLET CARRIER Measures 32" long X 25½" wide X 33" high. Built of 2" square tubing. Maximum load capacity is 600 lbs.78#
304-0-1000STORAGE BINMeasures 48" long X 24" wide X 12" deep.130#