Sunmaster Header

Harvest 6-30% more crop from the same field using the Sheyenne Sunmaster Harvest Header. It’s perfect for sunflowers and milo. It’s also a fantastic choice for farmers growing no tillage corn. The Sunmaster cuts up the trash, improving conditions for spring planting and weed control. Bale that corn stover for livestock feed or bedding.

The Sheyenne Sunmaster Harvest Header is the most successful row crop header in the world to harvest sunflowers that are lodged, broken over, or excessively dry. It’s low-profile header picks up lodged crop and a rotary cutting knife ensures clean cut. Positioned at the back of the gathering chains, the rotary cutting knife assists uniform feeding with less chance of the crop falling onto the ground or hanging up on row dividers

A rocker arm gently vibrates each catch pan. Any heads or shattered seeds drop onto the large catch pans, float back onto the platform header and into your hopper.

The rearward position of the cutting knife and lightweight longer-length row dividers will lift up and cut lodged milo, but leave taller standing stubble to reduce erosion.

It’s universal connecting frame adaptors and PTO drive kits provide quick hookup to most combines.

The cutter head height under the gathering chain is approximately 11.25″ from the ground when the header is on the ground, the top height of the catch pan is 17″ from the ground, and the height of the gathering chains at their lowest point located at the back of the cone is 5.25″ from the ground.


Pick from three common row sizes – 20″, 22″ and 30″ each available with single and double drives.

Lower Maintenance

The simple design with one gathering chain per for eliminates half of the moving parts, which means there’s less to service.


Your tractor color means something. Select the powder coat paint that matches your machine.

Sunmaster Header

00-016-62112 Row 22" spacing5247#
00-016-62216 Row 22" spacing6503#
00-016-6248 Row 30" spacing3740#
00-016-62512 Row 30" spacing5568#
00-016-62612 Row 20" spacing5468#
00-016-62716 Row 20" spacing6168#
00-016-63016 Row 30" spacing6650#
00-016-62818 Row 20" spacing7168#