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Your Machines

Sheyenne Manufacturing designs and manufactures attachments to help you get more done and improve your investment in tractors and skid steers. Add versatility to your operations with specialized tools to accelerate productivity and add to your bottom line. 

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Grounds Maintenance

Personal Property

Sheyenne Sunmaster Harvest Header

Sunmaster Harvest Head

Harvest up to 30% more sunflower, milo and corn with a head manufactured to retrieve crops in tough conditions. 
Black Max 900 connected to a John Deere tractor

Tractor Snowblowers

Winter is coming. Outfit your compact tractor with a Sheyenne low flow snowblower to clear more area faster. 


Sheyenne Swing Away Grain Auger

Swing Away Grain Augers

Move your crop gently without sacrificing speed. Depending on the model and angle, the Sheyenne Swing Away Grain Auger can handle up to  10,000 bushels per hour.

Looking for custom components?

RPM can manufacture components for many industries:

Automotive   |   Agricultural   |   Construction   |   Hand Tools   |   Outdoor

Furnaces   |   Fasteners   |   Precision Positioning Equipment   |   Flood control

Aerospace   |   Fluid Power   |   Industrial safety equipment   |   Food Service

Command\control equipment   |   Firearms   |   Military

Aftermarket motorcycle accessories   |   Wind Energy