Turn your skid steer or tractor into a forklift that can go anywhere your equipment does. Gain an extra 6 beyond the usual 8-12 foot reach of a skid steer. Add versatility with a Portable Forklift Mast that mounts to the front of skid steers and tractors with a quick tach system. The Sheyenne Tele-Fork is ideal for use in factories and warehouses as well as the masonry and construction industries.

This mast comes in two different models. The first is a Dedicated Skid Steer unit. This straight skid steer version allows the center of lift to be closer to the skid steer. It also offers a low profile – fold-down back rack. The second is a Conversion Unit. With this unit, the attachment plate can be removed. This allows for a quick hook up to the 3pt. of a tractor. Both units take only minutes to attach.

Lift More

The Sheyenne Tele-Fork is rated to lift up to 3000 lbs.

Get Stability

Choose from the standard 42″ length or the optional 48″ forklift teeth. Each are 1 1/2″ thick and 4″ wide class II standard taper with 16″ rail spacing.

Do More Faster

The quick tach system allows you to switch attachments quickly without needing to use a different, specialized machine.

Tele-Fork - Specs

Dedicated Skidsteer version: Dimensions: Height before extending is 92" - Width 52½". 1½" x 42" forks rated at 3,000 lbs. on 24" load Center - Class II standard taper, w/ 16" rail spacing. 2½" x 36" stroke hydraulic cylinder. Includes (2) 48" hoses and couplers with 90 degree elbows. Rated lift capacity depends on skidsteer model and specifications - Relief Valve set to lift 1500 lbs.
Combination Skidsteer / 3-pt. Unit - simply remove the skidsteer attachment plate and hook to tractor's rear 3-pt. link in minutes (fits category II, III, III narrow). Unit does not include cylinder for top 3-pt. link or hoses and couplers (inquire at dealer). Rated Lift capacity depends on skidsteer model and specifications. Both units are equipped with standard 42" x 1-½" x 4" forks, class II standard taper, w/ 16" rail spacing, rated at 4,500lbs on 24" load center.

Tele-Fork - Options

604-1-010148" X 1½" X 4" forks214#
604-1-010260" X 1¾" X 4" forks318#