Multi-Hitch Skid Steer Adapter Plate

If you drive green, you need this. The Sheyenne Multi-Hitch Skid Steer Adapter plate turns your John Deere tractor into a skid steer. Designed to fit on the front of John Deere 300, 400 and 500-series farm tractors, the Multi-Hitch Skid Steer Adaptor gives you access to use virtually any skid steer attachment. Get even more from your Deere. 

Face Front

Operate your tractor with the same visibility as a skid steer operator.


The adapter plate is made of high-grade American steel and comes with a complete powder coat paint finish for increased wear resistance. 


Made to fit most skid steer attachments, the plate also measures 44″ x 17″ to fit your John Deere tractor.

Multi-Hitch Skid Steer Adapter Plate

335-0-0001John Deere 300 & 400 Front-end loader series104#
335-0-0004John Deere 500 Front-end loader series109#