Trim trees from the safety of your skid steer cab. The Sheyenne Tele-Saw is a great addition the Sheyenne Tele-Boom left arm accessory. It’s a must-have tool for city forestry departments, landscapers, contractors, utilities, timber companies and orchards who want to clean, cut logs and prune overhead trees.

Operate Safetly

With a 33-foot reach, the operator can adjust the saw position, cutting angle and blade feed from the safety of the cab.

Choose The Angle

The blade travels a full 90 degrees to ensure a full cut, while the saw rotates 350 degrees to cut at virtually any angle.

Cut Through

The powerful Sheyenne Tele-Saw uses a .404 saw chain, which is heavier and stronger than most handheld chain saws.

Tele-Saw Specs

+ Overall measurement is 9″ x 18″ x 62″

+ 21″ cutting bar

+ 1 gallon chain oiler

+ Electronically rotates to approximately 350 degrees

+Blade travels a full 90 degrees

+Retracted length is 13′ 9″

+Weighs 126 lbs.

+Chain size is .404 pitch.

+Requires 14 gallons per minute of hydraulic fluid at 2000 PSI.

+Oil flow automatically controls sawing speed

+Constructed of high quality structural steel

+Extended length is 33′ in combination with vertical lift of the skid steer and Tele-Boom