Double Quick Tach Grapple

With its T-1 high grade, high tensile steel teeth, four supporting rods, and shielded hydraulic cylinders, the Sheyenne Double Quick-Tach grapple from offers operators another use for their skid steer loaders and compact tractors.  With a second quick-tach built on the grapple, operators have the option of switching from buckets to forks to any other attachment quickly and easily. These simple options increase productivity and prevent down time for the operator. The versatility and strength of this grapple makes it perfect for use on the farm, construction site, or for any application you need.


Hook up the grapple to any other quick tach attachment.


Select one of five different sizes to get the most out of your grapple.


Easily change from forks to a bucket or a bucket to a spear.

Additional Information

+ Shields cover the grapples two, 2″x8″ hydraulic cylinders

+ Four 3/8″ teeth are spaced 15″ apart

+ Stand hydraulic hoses secure to the bucket sides to prevent accidental detachment

+ Durably made with T-1 high-grade, high-tensile steel

+ Four cross braces add strength

+ Use the Sheyenne Multi-Hitch to work on skid steers and compact tractors

Double Quick Tach Grapple

310-0-1100GR1100 - LARGE49.5"24.75"35"442#
310-0-1200GR1200 - HIGH-BACK51"30.5"34.5"460#
310-0-1210GR1210 - 5' EXTRA HIGH-BACK80"52.5"53"550#
310-0-1220GR1220 - 75" WIDE HIGH-BACK51"30.5"34.5"535#
310-0-1400GR1400 - K-BACK59"34.5"27"610#

Standard Equipment: Quick tach on front and backside of the grapple, two 2″ x 8″ hydraulic cylinders, teeth built of T-1 high-grade, high tensile steel, arms that support teeth are 1045 steel. All models 46″ wide.

NOTE: Recommend 90-degree elbow couplers be used for connection to skidsteer. Hoses and couplers not included.

The distance of the teeth to the edge of the bucket when the grapple is closed depends on the angle of the back face of the bucket.

Grapple teeth are not guaranteed to touch the end of the bucket.