Gold Series 10″ Portable Augers

Designed with a choice of three different drive system, the Gold Series auger provides maximum versatility and ease of operation. Engineered as a quality grain handling system, it easily moves large volumes of grain.

move efficiently

Uses a dual auger hopper to move large volumes of grain.

easy move

Optional hydraulic power wheels help you move your hopper.

find your fit

There are many options and special ordering available.

All Gold Series Augers Have The Following Features

+ Double tapered bearing intake

+ Hex shaft

+ Hanger bearing access doors every 10 feet

+ Extra heavy-duty gear box

+ Hardwood bearings on line shaft

+ Heavy-duty tow hitch

+ Oil bath head drive 

+ Complete powder paint coat

+ 30-degree flexible rubber downspout

+ Extra heavy-duty double roller track

+ Welded angle ring tube connections

+ Heavy-duty cable winch

10″ auger has 12 gauge tube and 1/4″ flighting throughout | Capacity from 3800 to 5000 bushels per hour

Recommended augers run at 400-500 RPM | Factory setup = $5.75 per foot (mention 100-1-0930


Shielded PTO shaft with shear pin protection. Transport saddle for PTO shaft is provided on all units. Reversible gearbox to allow for operation from either side. 

10" Gold Series Auger PTO Drive

10" x 30'100-0-2707100-0-27281370#
10" x 40'100-0-2708100-0-27291720#
10" x 50' - 100-0-27402220#
10" x 60'100-0-2710100-0-27312670#
10" x 70'100-0-2711100-0-27323160#
10" x 80' -100-0-27763500#

10″ ETM (Less Motor)

All 10″ augers have a triple groove pulley and belt. Require a 4-1/2″ to 5″ motor pulley for 1725 RPM motor. 

10" Gold Series Auger ETM (Less Motor)

10" x 30'100-0-2717100-0-27381360#
10" x 40'100-0-2718100-0-27391690#
10" x 50' - 100-0-27402135#
10" x 60'100-0-2720100-0-27412585#
10" x 70'100-0-2721100-0-27423060#

10" Gold Series Auger Low Gas Drive

10" x 30'100-0-27671700#

Gold Series Auger Low Gas Drive Options

Honda 20.5HP Gas PackageEngine, muffler, gas tank, hoses, pulley and bushings100-1-0952
Battery Mount KitMount, battery box, cables, hardware, bracket and straps100-1-0936
BatteryAuto battery905-06103