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Sunmaster Combine Header

Sunmaster Combine Header
High capacity Corn, Milo & Sunflower harvesting attachment.
Harvest 6 - 30% more crop from the same field.
Available in 8, 12 & 16 row at 30"
and 12, 16 & 18 row at 20"
and 12 & 16 row at 22"

OptiCorn Header

OptiCorn Header
Available in 8 & 12 row at 30" spacing

Sheyenne Westgo Portable Augers

Gold Series Portable Augers (Straight)
8", 10" & 13" Diameter
Available up to 70ft. length
Capacity from 1,800 - 10,000 bushels per hour
Custom Sizes Available up to 70ft.
Please contact your local dealer for more information

Sheyenne Westgo Portable Augers

1400 & 1500 Series Augers (Swing Away)
8", 10" & 13"
Available up to 100ft. length
Capacity from 7,000 to 10,000 bushels per hour.
Includes Self Leveling - Low Profile Swing Away Hopper
Single or Double Power Wheel Options
Custom sizes available up to 100'
Please contact your local dealer for more information

Boulder Cat

Boulder Cat
Low cost root/rock extraction
Ground piercing tines
Maneuverability to pry around rocks
Side skid to backfill holes

Rock Bucket

Rock Bucket *NEW*
Scoop up rocks, stumps, construction debris, anything dirt and all!
Bucket is made from 1/2 Grade 80 Steel
66" or 72" Width, 17 Teeth
45.5" Front to back
22" tall at the back


Tele-Boom T-200
Turns your skidsteer into a compact, high performance crane.
Makes lifting and elevating as simple as moving one hydraulic lever.
Easily lifts and places trusses, shingles, & more.
The Sheyenne Tele-Boom will save time, money - and your back.
Reaches from 8' 6" to 30' with the skidsteer.
Horizontal lifting capacity with the boom extended varies depending on Skidsteer model
Please contact your local dealer for more information regarding lift specifications


Hydraulically driven chain saw
Quickly attaches to your Tele-Boom
Allows user to trim and prune large branches from the safety of the skidsteer's cab
The Tele-Saw blade travels a full 90 ° insuring a full cut.
It rotates 350 ° to get the desired angle
Extends to 33' (combined with the vertical lift of the skidsteer and a Tele-Boom)

Double Quick Tach Grapple

Double Quick Tach Grapple
Well suited for the rugged demands of construction site cleanup, demolition, scrap recycling, land clearing, farm work and numerous other applications requiring strength and durability.
Five different models to choose from.

Wheel EZ

Wheel EZ *NEW*
SAFE and EFFECTIVE! installation or removal of large farm or industrial tires.
Use fork lift tubes, lift tabs for a bucket or the caster wheels to move tires.

Sheyenne Balespear

Uses three tines to pierce and stabilize while transporting bales
Equipped with a universal quick-attach mount
All three Tines are replaceable
Top spike measures 2" round by 48" long
Bottom two spikes measure 1" by 18" long
Rated lift Capacity: 2500 lbs

Fold Down Pallet Fork

Fold Down Pallet Fork
Use with back rack up or down.
Back rack flips up or down in seconds
Height with back rack up - 46"
Height with back rack folded down - 25"
Forks are Class II, standard taper, rail style at 16"
Rated lift capacity - 3,000 lbs. with 24" load center

Black Max Snowblower

Black Max Heavy Duty Tractor Snowblower
540 PTO Available Cutting Width - 66", 74", and 84" (CAT I & II Three Point Hitch)
1000 PTO Available Cutting Width - 96" and 120"(CAT II & III Three Point Hitch)

Black Max Snowblower

Black Max Skid Steer Snowblower
Fit Most Skid Steers
Cutting Width - 66", 74" & 84"
Hydraulic Motor Options - 4.0 CU. IN to 11.9 CU. IN (High Flow)
Chute Rotation Options - Hydraulic Chute & Deflector or Electric Chute Rotation & Manual Deflector
All hoses and couplers included
Standard wiring harnesses and control box included

Compact Tractor Snowblower

Compact Tractor Snowblower
60" & 74" cutting width
28" cutting depth
18" auger with heavy duty 2" tube
18" 4 Blade Fan
1/4" auger flighting
Universal Quick Tach
Adjustable and replaceable skid shoes
#60 roller chains

Hydramax Snowblower

Hydramax Snowblower
Cutting Width - 78"
Equipped with two Hydraulic Motors & patented "Smart Valve"
Low Profile for improved visibility
Attaches close to skid steer for easy operation
Right chute discharge
Can throw snow along side or behind skid steer


Designed for snow but can be used for grain.
Hard rubber cutting edge.
Adjustable Skidshoes


Maximize yeilds
Variable rate - computer controlled
Lower input costs
Reduced fertilizer leaching
Increase profitability


Turns your skidsteer into a hydraulic forklift
72" vertical lift
Lifts to approximate shelf height of 15' (Combined with the lift of your skidsteer)
Low profile - includes a fold down back rack
Excellent for use in Construction, Storage, Agriculture, and Bee Keeping Industries
Also Available in Three Point Mount Version (CAT I, II, III, III (Narrow))
Forks are Class II, standard taper, rail style at 16"

Sheyenne Westgo Conveyor

Conveyor Model 1235
10" X 35'
12" belt (fully enclosed)
Heavier 12 Gauge tube
Capacity - 5,000 bushels per hour
Optional Electrical Kits - Single Phase Kit, Three Phase Kit
Optional Hydraulic Kits - 800 ft/min or 420 ft/min
Optional Slow Down Pulley Kit also Available

Skid Steer Universal Attachment Harness

Skid Steer Universal Attachment Harness
Adapts to skidsteers with 8 & 14 pin Electrical hook-ups
Harness wires to Electrical motor on any attachment
Plugs into 8 or 14 pin plug on skidsteer
Allows operator to utilize joystick controls on skidsteer

Sheyenne Westgo Portable Augers

Low Profile Jump Augers
8" & 10"
Only 11" high
Hydraulic or Electric Drives
Double Constant Velocity Joint connecting hopper and tube flightings
Pivot Wheels
Built in Handle
Please contact your local dealer for more information


Designed to fit on the John Deere 300, 400 and 500 Series Farm Tractor Loaders
Tractor Loaders must be equipped with their own quick-attach system
Also available in Three Point Mount Version (CAT I & II Three Point Hitch)
Enables this series of farm loaders to quick-attach to virtually any standard skid steer attachment
Includes: Receiver slots for Bale Spear, Ball Hitch, Slot for 5th Wheel hitch, and more.

Sheyenne Cyclone Ditcher

Cyclone Ditcher
60" Cutting Width
Depth of cut from 0 - 6"
Tilt - angle cut, controlled hydraulically from the tractor
Plumb - level indicator visible from the tractor
Coulters for trash conditions
Mounting base for laser pole or GPS
Delivers dirt to the right or left, controlled hydraulically from the tractor
Uniform distribution of the dirt
Horse power range from 200HP to 350HP